Why energizeHER?

energizeHER is dedicated to helping women and girls of color live full lives by normalizing the conversation of mental wellness and energizing them to love the life they live... now!

Our mission is to educate and provide the necessary tools and resources to identify, assess, deal + heal, and empower today while energizing powerful leaders for tomorrow.

We offer programs for Corporate America, schools, and other organizations serving our youth to get involved and energize our future leaders!

Founded in 2021 by girl empowerment expert, speaker, author, podcaster, life coach, and CEO Tameka Chapman, energizeHER has impacted over 20,000 women and teens in organizations, schools, and communities across North America and beyond through our groundbreaking energizeHER Leadership Summits, online events, web series, and podcast.

With a streaming TV channel aired on ROKU, Amazon Fire TV, and webApp, energizeHER has impacted women and girls in 45 countries and is available to over 100 million households!

The energy behind energizeHER!

Tameka Chapman has appeared on FOX
Tameka Chapman has appeared on FOX
Tameka Chapman has appeared on ABC
Tameka Chapman has appeared on ABC

At energizeHER, we are dedicated to energizing young women to love their lives and creating a world where the energy to strive for excellence is at the forefront in our homes, schools, and communities.

Our energizeHER School Programs are engaging, immersive, and interactive school-wide educational programs, thoughtfully curated with the help of educators, counselors, and youth workers for young girls in 5th to 12th grade. The program has been designed to help schools meet their core competency objectives including Self-awareness, Self-control & Interpersonal skills. energizeHER is currently creating Activity Guides for schools and organizations to host community energizeHER Teen Summits.

Through our energizeHER Certification Program, we aim to inspire, educate, and energize passionate women with the tools and confidence to bring our transformational programs into their communities, making an impact and income empowering girls.

Learn about the energizeHERVillage for Girls

Exciting, engaging, and empowering events designed to energize the girls with financial literacy, goal-setting and success strategies, mental health and wellness, creativity, fitness & wellness, leadership, and more!

energizeHER Village for Girls is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization.

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Let's have a conversation about how energizeHER can help your organization create impactful programs, and events and make a lasting impression on the lives of women and girls across the globe!